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Tips and Advices

  • Health Concerns: Following COVID-19 guideline is exclusive, including wearing a face mask that covers my mouth and nose and practicing social distancing. Mask must be worn at all time during meeting...A safe habit gives a good life"

                                                           Make an appointment now for all your notary needs.

  • Valid Government Issued Identification: All signing parties must produce a valid unexpired photo identification prior to signing

  • Invalid Identification: if photo identifications are expired, please provide two(2) credible witnesses with valid government photo identifications. Credible witness must not have vested interest in document to be notarized and can not be names in documents to be signed. Witnesses can not be family members.

  • Forms and signature: All document to be notarized must be entirely filled out. DO NOT sign or date documents. Documents can only be signed in the presence of the notary.

  • Documents: While a Notary Public is a State Appointed Official, a Notary is unable to draft, change or provide legal advice concerning your documents. If there are questions regarding said documents, a signer must contact the recipient, attorney or company involved in the drafting of the documents.

  • Willingness & Knowledge: Each signer must demonstrate willingness and understanding of the documents being signed "without coercion." He/she must be fully aware of what they are signing and understand the significance of the documents. Documents CANNOT be notarized if there is evidence of cognitive impairment.

  • Ability to communicate: All signers must be able to communicate in English. Perfect Balance Notary Signing Serves will only notarize documents written in English.

  • Apostille Service: * Be sure to use an experienced notary public if documents require notarization (5yrs experience). If the notary makes a mistake, your documents will be rejected by the State. "This can become costly to you"

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